Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 23. No. 8

Earth sciences

Pdf_ico Alekseenko V., Yurgenson G., Shvydka N. On the influence of geochemical environment at the polymetallic mineral deposits on biogeochemical and geobotanical plant features
Pdf_ico Afanasyev A. I., Potapov V. Ya., Suslov D. N., Chirkova A. A. Two­-masses resonant clatter with linear controlled engine
Pdf_ico Basov V. The nature of deformations distribution in physical simulation of coal­bearing massif in the neighborhood junction of mine workings
Pdf_ico Beydin A., Ovseychuk V., Morozov A. Researches on washability of ores, produced by chambered systems, depending on dimension of a chunk of sorted ore mining mass
Pdf_ico Kostromina I., Hramov A. Mathematical modeling as a method of justifying the use of a modified collector for oxygenated molybdenum floatation
Pdf_ico Ochirov V. Study of the interaction of asbestos­cement pipelines with surrounding soil
Pdf_ico Pavlenko Yu. Mineral resources of the Eastern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Pirogov G. Improvement of underground mining of ore bodies by a system of sublevel drifts
Pdf_ico Khoyutanov E., Batugin S., Gavrilov V. Reserves for the management of natural and technological compo­ nents of coal ash of complex­structure deposits

Political sciences:

Pdf_ico Beidina T., Makarova T., Makarova Yu., Popov Yu. National based peculiarities of the state propaganda activity
Pdf_ico Drobotushenko E. The policy of the Soviet State in relation to religious communities after the Great Patriotic War: regional aspect (on the example of Transbaikalia)
Pdf_ico Romanov V. Municipal statistics of crime of the population in the Transbaikal Region: a marker of social ill being


Pdf_ico Baranova E., Polkovnikova S. Optimization of the Russian securities stock portfolio, using financial instruments
Pdf_ico Galynis K. Concession agreements as an instrument of municipal­ private partnership
Pdf_ico Kurbanov T., Kurbanov A., Plotnikov V. The impact of the infrastructure military use to ensure military-eco­nomic security of the country